Easily Post to Weblog Tools Videos
You can use this browser shortcut to quickly submit videos you discover on the Internet to Weblog Tools Videos.
Weblog Tools Videos Bookmarklet
A bookmarklet is a special link that you can place in your browser's bookmarks toolbar or menu. This link simplifies the process of bringing videos you've found on the Internet and posting them here at Weblog Tools Videos.
Here is the link: Magnify to Weblog Tools Videos
To install this link as a bookmarklet in your web browser:
  • In Internet Explorer, right-click on the link and choose "Add to Favorites" from the popup menu.
  • In Firefox or Safari, drag the link to your bookmarks toolbar, located just below the address bar.
To Use It:
Once that's in place, you can then surf through video sites including YouTube, Revver, and others, and when you find a video that you want to share with this community, just click the "Magnify to Weblog Tools Videos" bookmark.
This bookmark will bring you to the Weblog Tools Videos submission page, and will pass along the address of the video you were watching. On the most popular video hosting services, we'll automatically grab the necessary embed tags and thumbnail image; on other sites, we may need to ask you to enter some of this information yourself.
Then enter any personal comments you want to help describe the video, and optionally tag it with a few key words or phrases, and you're done!