WordPress Tutorial - Make Static Page Your Home Page -Part 2
Submitted By: Anonymous on 2008-04-04
About the video: mcbuzzvideo wrote: This Beginner-level WordPress tutorial is a follow-up to "WordPress Tutorial - Make a Static Page Your Home/Front Page". It reviews the method of making a specific page your home page in WordPress, and it shows how to remove the link to that page from the main navigation. This is something you may need to do if the WordPress theme has a default "Home" button or link in the main navigation. Note that there is a Part 3 of this tutorial that shows another way to solve the problem of hiding the link the static page you use as your home page: "WordPress Tutorial - Make Static Page Your Home Page - Part 3". Not all WordPress themes have this feature of a default home page link in the navigation, but several of the WordPress themes offered on wordpress.com do. This tutorial also talks about the fact that some themes have navigation in the sidebar that shows links to subpages and "subsub" pages - i.e. "child" pages that have other pages as "parents". There is a separate mcbuzzvideo tutorial that shows how to create "child" or sub-pages in WordPress if you would like to learn more.
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